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Our 360 Photo Booth

The latest technology in photo booths brings us the 360 experience – an interactive, memorable way to create photos and videos with your guests at your event.

Offering a versatile selection, our company offers two distinct sizes of 360 Photo Booths, allowing clients the flexibility to choose the perfect fit for their needs. Our 39″ platform accommodates 4-5 guests at a time, while the 45″ platform offers a spacious setting for 5-7 guests. Providing options to suit varying group sizes ensures a tailored experience for every event.

Step into the world of immersive experiences. As your guests stand on the platform, our cutting-edge camera technology captures every angle, spinning around them to create mesmerizing 360-degree videos. This innovative booth adds a dynamic twist to traditional photo booths, ensuring that every moment is captured in a unique and unforgettable way. We take it a step further by incorporating slow motion, video effects, filters and a variety of props for the guests to enjoy. Whether aiming for a playful vibe or opting for a more cinematic experience, the versatility of our booth allows guests to curate their own unique entertaining videos. Plus, the excitement doesn't stop there- guests can instantly share their videos right after taking them, making our 360 Photo Booth the perfect blend of interactive fun and social engagement. From lively events to special celebrations, our 360 Photo Booth takes interactive entertainment to new heights, allowing your guests to become the stars of their own captivating videos. 

Who Are We?

Hello, We are Natalle and Tyler, the founders of Flash Frenzy Foto, a family-owned business in Snohomish County. Tyler and I both come from a hospitality background, and we wanted to branch out to work with people in a fun atmosphere. We know the importance of creating memorable moments and unique experiences for you and your guests while bringing joy, laughter, and fun to your event.

Whether you need a photo booth for a wedding, company event, birthday, or any other significant event, we are here for you! We genuinely enjoy seeing our clients have fun at their event, and we know they have a lot of their plates, so Flash Frenzy Foto makes sure when clients reserve a booth, they have confidence that their guests will have the best experience possible.

Flash Frenzy Fotos offers timeless 360 videos to capture memories and is the perfect upgrade to any event!

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